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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Galapagos Tortoises and Turtles

Lonely George, the last of his kind despite attempts to help him meet eligible ladies. Sadly, the resulting eggs have not led to new tortoises.

Travel Dates 15th-19th April 2010.
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As I understand it a tortoise lives on land and a turtle lives in the water - but it can get confusing. I'll stick to that definition for the moment until someone corrects me. There are both on the Galapagos - land tortoises and sea turtles - and they are both huge.

One of the things that alerted Darwin to the possibility of natural selection was the variation in the species of tortoises on different islands; including obvious variations such as size but also other variations like the shape of shells or the patterns on them.

Just a few pictures. First some land tortoises, including babies in the nursery at the Darwin research Centre.

And some at sea...

As a 63yo, as I watched lonely George I could not help thinking of the intro to one of my favourite British sit-coms: One foot in the grave.

During this trip I have occasionally entered my Victor Meldrew persona when dealing with hoteliers...

Cheers, Alan

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