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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Galapagos Birds

One of the four frigate birds which cruised with us, riding the air currents created by the boat, all the way from Bartoleme to Baltra.

Travel Dates 15th-19th April 2010.
Please click on any picture to see the larger version.

What an extraordinary place.

My camera is only 6.3 megapixels and each photo takes up about 1.4 megabytes. I filled a 1GB card and part of a 512MB card with over 750 photographs in the Galapagos.

I can't upload all those photos so the next half-dozen blog posts will be just a few photos representing each of the major species I saw on the varous islands – land and marine iguanas, land and marine tortoises, sealions, birds and fish. I will follow those with a description of my visit.

More Frigate Birds.

A few of the famous Darwin Finches and a Galapagos Heron.

Swallow-tailed Gulls on the Plaza Islands.

A flightless cormorant and some brown Pelicans.

Blue-footed boobies.

Penguins on sea and land.

Flamingoes in an inland pool in the lava and Galapagos Hawks, one of the few land predators.

Cheers, Alan

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