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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Brisbane to Singapore

The third of May, 2006. Well, the planning was finally over. We're about to head off on World Trip #2.

We had decided to spend the night before departure in Brisbane, rather than have to wake early and drive two hours to the airport. We took the opportunity to wander through downtown that afternoon and had dinner at the pub around the corner from Quay North. Nice view of the river from the hotel room.

The Qantas 7 1/2 hour flight to Singapore was uneventful; after our fears my wife (who doesn't enjoy long flights) was fine, even though it got dark just as we arrived. The Holiday Inn Atrium was as good as we remembered it back when it was the Concorde, after some minor problems getting a non-smoky room.

I found a worker's cafeteria in the base of an apartment for a low-carb breakfast. Hygiene was a little lacking but the food was good; I took similar chances thoroughout the trip, my only restriction was to NEVER drink the water - anywhere.


  1. Cheri2:43 am

    I love to hear about peoples travels, and will look forward to more of your reports.


  2. Anonymous3:11 am

    Now that's what I call a REAL trip! You Aussies know how to travel. I'm green with envy.