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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bangkok: Transferring Between BKK and DMK

Now that Air Asia has moved from Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Don Muang Airport (DMK) many travelers will need to transit from one to the other.

I found that there is a shuttle bus which runs every 20 minutes from the stop outside exit number 3 at BKK. I got on board at 2020; it took about 40 minutes at night but may be slower in daytime traffic. I was dropped at the bus terminal about 200m from the main doors at ground level at DMK, to the right as you exit the airport.

The service appears to be free. When I asked how much the attendant ignored me, just ushered me on board.

If arriving late to BKK and departing early next day consider the Amari Don Muang hotel. They call themselves 4 star; I would not quite go that far but it is an acceptable quality for an overnight stay and is connected by an airbridge, five minutes walk to the check-in counters. If arriving on the BKK shuttle go up to the check-in level them go past the AirAsia counters and look for the sign to the hotel on your right.

Allow for a long delay at AirAsia's fairly chaotic bag drop or check-in for early morning flights. It took me a total of an hour to get through bag drop, immigration and security and I was quicker than some. I suggest you get here at least two hours before flight time, preferably a little earlier.


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    thank you. extremely helpful :)

    1. Thanks. Glad to help.


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    Thank you! big help!