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Thursday, December 08, 2011


Statue in the cathedral.

 Travel Dates 24th-25th May 2011.
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I spent a very brief afternoon and evening in Milan. Effectively it was just a convenient overnight stop between Switzerland, Venice and places beyond. I apologise to the Milanese who would be horrified at such casual treatment of their great city, but I'm afraid that to me it was just that – another big city.

Possibly, at some future time, I will return. However, in that brief time I managed to see a little of the centre of town.

This imposing building is the main railway station, built back in the days when steam power ruled and temples to steam were built all over the world, with each city trying to build bigger and better. It was only a short walk to the Hilton, and not far by cab or Metro into the centre of the city.

I took the metro, which was a little confusing in station layout, but fast and efficient once I learned the system. Down-town was the main square and another imposing Italian cathedral. Those princely cardinals of the past certainly knew how to make the workplace pleasant and suitably impressive for the townsfolk and peasantry.

On one side of the square beside the Cathedral was another imposing building, which I initially thought must be city hall. It turned out to be a very up-market shopping mall displaying the latest fashions, mostly female, which Milan is famous for, and prices to make husbands or fathers below the income level of Bill Gates quake in fear.

These, presumably, are the Fashion Police. UK Bobby helmets are back in style for law enforcement.

I was surprised to see this pro-Berlusconi group in the square; I was in Milan prior to Berlusconi's departure from power. My surprise was caused by the lack of demonstrators and the presence of supporters.

Some of the trams were nostalgically similar to Melbourne's old W-class. 

I departed before lunch the following morning for Venice.

Cheers, Alan, Australia

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