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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Iguassu Falls - Movies

Travel Dates 26th and 27th April 2010.
Please click on any picture to see the larger version.

This may take some time to load. If you are on dial-up, I'm sorry but it's probably not worth the wait.

I have rarely used the movie function on my Fuji F10, so I'm still a novice at movie making.

That shows in these clips; however, I hope that despite the amateur cameraman you get a sense of the awesome power and majesty of Iguassu Falls.

Click on the triangle at bottom left to play and the four-way arrows on bottom right for full screen. To get back to the main page from full screen press your esc key.

Brazil Side

Argentine Side

Cheers, Alan


  1. Do you reduce the size of your vidoes before putting them on youtube, or do you just put them on as they are?

    My camera produces awfully big videofiles.

  2. I prepare and upload via Blogger.com. That process automatically re-sizes; I'm not competent to say how.

    On my computer the files for these are between 4Mb and 18 Mb, but I notice that the videos have lost some definition when I play them via the blog on full-screen so I presume they are reduced via blogger.

    They took a very long time to upload via my ADSL connection.

    Sorry, but I'm no expert on the subject :)

    Cheers, Alan