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Monday, March 10, 2008

Departing Australia March 2008

Thursday 6th March 2008.

Well, here I go again. The wanderlust is in my blood, along with some other strange things. Obviously it's genetic; mum is off in her motorhome again out Cobar way and I'm off to see the world again while my better half looks after things at home. She“is traveled out", so this time Im on my Pat Malone.
Tweed Heads looks good from the air.

Today turned out to be one of those“waiting in airports” days. I will be taking 16 flights on this journey, but I hope this is the worst of the waiting days. I arrived two hours early at 9:15 am for the 11:15 Coolangatta to Sydney flight. They accepted both bags for carry-on, which was a relief; no checked bags. We left on time, and arrived in Sydney about 13:45. The free Qantas bus to the International Terminal was great.
Between terminals we passed the Singapore Airlines A380. It looks even bigger up close.
But then I discovered that my 18:05 flight to Bangkok was running three hours late.

I discovered the only comfortable armchairs in the concourse and settled down.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Glad I brought a book with me.

Finally we boarded at 21:10. And waited. Announcements came over the PA from the second officer to tell us that the delay was caused by extra paperwork from the Engineers. Extra paperwork? I used to be one of those engineers in a past life. Extra paperwork meant either major repairs to critical items or arguments convincing the captain that some "condition of serviceability” was an acceptable risk. Not a way to fill me with confidence before a 9 hour flight.

We finally departed at 22:15, arriving uneventfully in Bangkok just before 3am. Wonderfully, there was a person from the hotel with my name on his board – at least that worked.

The rest of the trip has to be better:-)

Cheers Alan

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