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Monday, April 09, 2007

A Pause to Reflect

For some reason known only to Blogger, my latest Athens post appears before this, so scroll down to find it if you've already read this one:-)

G'day again to anyone who has read this far. As I haven't posted since December I thought a brief review may be useful to anyone who hasn't read this blog from the start of the Journey.

This is actually a compilation of two journeys. We went "around the world" for the first time over five months in 2003, then did it again over three months in 2006. In those two fabulous trips we visited lots of countries, mostly driving ourselves when possible; I've decided to record the trips as one sequence.

The sequence broadly follows the 2006 trip, but wherever we come to a point where we saw different places in the 2003 trip I digress for a while to mention those. Right now, after arriving again in Italy in 2006 I've gone back to 2003 and digressed South through Rome and Pompeii to Greece. Next I'll be sailing back up the Adriatic to rejoin the 2006 trip in Venice.

These are the countries we visited in Europe, and the States and Provinces we visited in the USA and Canada, plus a few places we stopped at en-route to both continents:

Singapore (2006)
Bahrein (2006)
Turkey (2006)
Spain (2003, 2006)
France (2003, 2006)
Monaco (2003, 2006)
Italy (2003, 2006)
Greece (2003)
Slovenia (2006)
Hungary (2006)
Slovakia (2006)
Poland (2006)
Germany (2003, 2006)
Switzerland (2003)
Luxembourg (2003)
Belgium (2003)
Nederlands (2003)
Scotland (2003)
Wales (2003)
England (2003, 2006)
Eire (2003, 2006)
Puerto Rico (2003)
..USVirgin Islands (2003)
..NYC (2003, 2006)
..NY State (2006)
..Massachusetts (2006)
..New Hampshire (2006)
..Vermont (2006)
..Quebec (2006)
..Ontario (2006)
..Illinois (2006)
..California (2003, 2006)
..Nevada (2003)
..Missouri (2003)
..Louisiana (2003)
..Mississippi (2003)
..Alabama (2003)
..Florida (2003)
..Georgia (2003)
..South Carolina (2003)
..North Carolina (2003)
..Virginia (2003)
..Delaware (2003)
..Maryland (2003)
..District of Columbia (2003)
..Hawaii (2006)

My apologies for the long delay since the last post. Among other reasons such as holidays and family matters, I've been frustrated by the change that blogger has made when I upload pictures; they no longer automatically adjust their size to your screen. I have no idea why, so I've decided to keep going anyway.

Cheers, Alan


  1. Nice post, its a really cool blog that you have here, keep up the good work, will be back.

    Warm Regards

    Biby Cletus - Blog

  2. Mariana8:46 am

    hi, Allan! i saw a question about vaccines in a travelling to south america group and i know that in brasil you can get an international certificate that shows that you cant get the yellow fever vaccine (it's called CIIV). i dont know if u can read portuguese, but check this out if you can: http://www.anvisa.gov.br/faqdinamica/index.asp?Secao=Usuario&usersecoes=48&userassunto=138

    you should look for it in your country! good luck!
    Mariana (Brasil)

  3. Thanks Mariana

    I can't read Portugese, but thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, while a certificate may allow me to visit one country, others may not allow me in once I've been to a Yellow Fever area. So, for the moment, Peru and Brazil are off the itinerary for the moment. Maybe I'll do it as my final trip when I've seen the others.

    Cheers, Alan