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Monday, October 09, 2006


It just occurred to me that it may help to know where we're headed - after all, it took a while to plan it. Briefly, we flew from Brisbane to Barcelona, via a couple of days in Singapore and three in Istanbul.

After a couple of nights in Barcelona we picked up our fantastic little diesel turbo Clio from the airport and drove off on the wrong side of the road. Over the next 7 weeks we wandered 8500km through the south of France, north Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Eastern Germany, Czech Republic, Bavaria, Rhineland and finally (for that section) Paris.

Three years ago we also visited Rome, Pompeii and Greece, so I'll add some flash-backs at that stage. Similarly, I'll include some previous travels in the UK and USA when we get to the right moment.

Then we flew to London for a few days and took the bus to Oxford for a few more. Next, to Dublin and picked up a car to wander for a week via Wexford and Waterford to the Ring of Kerry and the Cliffs of Moher.

Then from Shannon to New York City for three days in the Big Apple followed by the train (AMTRAK) to Buffalo. There we picked up another car and wandered in a loop for two weeks from Niagara falls to Massachusetts to Montreal and Toronto and back to Niagara.

Finally, home via a night in Chicago, a night in LA, three nights in Waikiki and one night in Sydney.

So, there's a little more to come yet:-)

If you didn't arrive here in sequence, the journey starts here: Brisbane to Singapore


  1. Anonymous6:10 am

    Alan, it's an excellent blog. Keep it going. Cheers, Wizzzer

  2. Anonymous10:10 am

    Good one Alan.. Thanks. Will get to checking all of your photo's/comments. Our next BIG one includes USA again, plus Carribean and Greece plus 3 weeks Mediterranian Cruising. That will include a few of the stops you made, so great to have your input. "COME ON, 2007 - Bring it on"!!! This year almost finished but here are some of ours www.shopmall.com.au/phils/2006 Big Kev